Executive Chef - Guillermo "Memo" Matteo

At a very young age, Guillermo “Memo” Mateo learned the art of cooking from his family, most notably, his mother. A native of Mexico, Memo grew up loving flavor and unusual ingredients. When he had learned enough of the culinary arts to turn professional he began by working the the kitchen of Il Fornaio in Beverly Hills. Here he was able to explore the flavors of Italy and also learned the art of making pasta. He soon found himself working as a Sous Chef at Trillussa, another Beverly Hills Staple.

In 1997 Memo found his way to Redlands, California where he worked in the kitchen at Clara’s, a now lost jewel of the Inland Empire. During his time at Clara’s he had the opportunity to learn from Chef Umberto Orlando, a native of Rome. It was during this time that Memo had his first opportunity to fill in as Head Chef and run his own kitchen. Memo's extrodinary effort earned him a place as Executive Chef at Joe Greensleeves in 1999. Chef Memo Mateo

Since then, Memo has dedicated himself to producing perfect meals with the freshest ingredients the Inland Empire has to offer. He takes great pride in making his own pasta and ravioli, his own fresh sausage and his own pancetta. Memo’s passion spills over into every dish, especially when he has the opportunity to make unique dishes out of seasonal and rare ingredients like Alaskan Halibut, fresh Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef.